Former SDNY official Richard Signorelli demands Donald Trump’s criminal prosecution

Even as the Manhattan District Attorney’s office continues to aggressively pursue a criminal case against Donald Trump on state charges for financial crimes, the federal government is not known to be criminally pursuing Trump at all. This is in spite of the fact that the Feds at the SDNY are sitting on an already fleshed-out and widely-documented criminal case against “Individual-1” Trump for campaign finance fraud.

It’s not clear if the Feds are merely waiting until New York State is done indicting Trump (prosecutors often go one at a time), or if the Feds don’t intend to criminally pursue Trump at all. But over the past week we’ve all learned that Trump had his DOJ illegally spying on the personal data of House Democrats and his own White House Counsel, and that Trump illegally pressured then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to try to overthrow the 2020 election results.

At this point the Feds had better be planning to criminally prosecute Trump for these crimes. Richard Signorelli, former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the SDNY, tweeted this today: “There is no criminal being prosecuted by The Justice Department including @SDNY who has done more harm to this country than Donald Trump. If that is not a good reason to throw the book at Trump, I don’t know what is.”

Signorelli is absolutely right. Trump is on a path to state prison for his financial crimes, and he’s under criminal investigation in Georgia for election fraud, but that’s not enough. He must be federally prosecuted for his crimes in office.


It’s worth pointing out that the Feds at the SDNY are known to be aggressively criminally targeting Rudy Giuliani, having recently raided his home and seized his communications. That criminal probe has reportedly expanded to include Giuliani’s role in the Trump-Ukraine scandal, giving some hope that the Giuliani case is a pretext for a Trump federal criminal probe. One way or the other, it needs to happen.

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