Former prosecutor thinks this could be the impetus to get Allen Weisselberg to flip on Donald Trump

Yesterday Donald Trump began the process of throwing Allen Weisselberg under the bus when he removed Weisselberg from leadership roles in dozens of Trump companies. It was a clear sign that Donald Trump is looking to paint Weisselberg as a lone bad apple, pin all the criminal behavior on him, and move on. It won’t work – and it may backfire.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli responded to the development by tweeting this: “Anything that separates [Weisselberg] from the Trump Org is a good thing. If he is following what I think is the advice he has received from his attorneys, then he is or soon will be turning states evidence against the criminal Trump family.”

We think he may be onto something. Allen Weisselberg has been doing the Trump family’s bidding for decades, so of course he has strong motivation not to want to flip. But these kinds of things are never absolute. The decision to flip is made by weighing the pros against the cons.

Now that Trump is firing Weisselberg from key positions to try to save his own backside, Weisselberg will have to reconsider whether the loyalty he’s showing Trump is a good idea. And this before we get to any potential charges against Weisselberg’s sons.

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