Former prosector confirms Rudy Giuliani has destroyed himself and Donald Trump both

When Donald Trump’s new “attorney” Rudy Giuliani dusted off a new strategy this week, it consisted of admitting that Trump committed a number of felonies. Palmer Report pointed out that while there was room for argument as to whether Rudy had snapped and was taking Trump down as part of some hallucination, or whether Rudy was methodically trying to destroy Trump on purpose, there was no doubt that this was bad for Trump. This wasn’t some evil genius strategy; it was just bad. Now a former prosecutor agrees with us.

Solomon Wisenberg, a former prosecutor who now has a private practice, appeared on CNN and told host Dana Bash that what Rudy Giuliani just did to Donald Trump was the equivalent of a “murder-suicide.” Wisenberg went on to explain that Giuliani’s acknowledgment of Trump’s felonious activities, which ranged from obstruction of justice to illegal election hush money, is now admissible in court. In other words, whether through intentional malice or brain failure, Rudy just handed Trump to Special Counsel Robert Mueller on a silver platter.

As we said, there’s no magic wand involved in what Giuliani admitted about Trump. This doesn’t set up some hazy scenario in which Trump ends up not facing criminal consequences for his various crimes simply because he’s finally admitting to some of them. It just means that Rudy blew it for Trump. This was best evidenced by the fact that when Trump woke up the morning after the Giuliani interview, he didn’t go on one of his usual unhinged Twitter rants about the matter.

Instead Donald Trump posted a legal statement on Twitter that had clearly been written by an attorney, suggesting that he was too afraid of what was playing out to even try to put it in his own words. Rudy Giuliani made things far worse for Trump, and we’re not the only ones who see it that way.

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