As Donald Trump’s current lawyer faces arrest, his former lawyer leaves prison to testify against him

As one news outlet after another has confirmed that Rudy Giuliani is the current target of the SDNY and FBI criminal investigation into the Ukraine scandal, Donald Trump has given no indication that he intends to try to stick his neck out in the name of keeping Rudy from being arrested. This is no surprise, considering that Trump’s former lawyer is sitting in prison right now for his role in Trump’s criminal scandals.

If the ever-deteriorating Rudy wanted to do the smart thing, he wouldn’t just look at the fact that Michael Cohen is behind bars right now. He would look at the fact that, in an ironic fit of timing, Cohen is temporarily getting out of prison this upcoming week so he can testify about Donald Trump’s crimes to a New York grand jury. This is the same grand jury that recently subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns and helped trigger a court battle that Trump is rapidly losing.

Michael Cohen will be taken back to prison after his grand jury appearance – but if his testimony goes as expected, he might not be going back for long. Last month it was reported that Cohen had cut a new cooperation deal with New York State. That means reduced prison time for him.

In fact Cohen could end up going free right around the time Rudy Giuliani’s trial starts – by which time Rudy will have already spent time rotting in jail, as there’s no way he’s getting bail, considering he’s an obvious overseas flight risk. If Rudy has any remaining sense (which is an open question at this point), he’ll cut a plea deal against Donald Trump now, when his leverage is at its highest. If people like Cohen have already gotten Trump indicted by the time Rudy decides he doesn’t like solitary confinement, there may not be much of plea deal left for Rudy to take.

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