Former federal prosecutor explains why Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Matt Gaetz and others are all going down

Defeatists love pushing the notion that if something hasn’t happened yet, that means it’ll never happen. Donald Trump is in the process of being indicted by a grand jury, but it hasn’t happened yet? He’s magically gotten away with it all. Rudy Giuliani’s home has been raided but he hasn’t been arrested yet? He’s magically gotten away with it. There are two cooperating witnesses against Matt Gaetz, but he hasn’t yet been arrested? He’s magically gotten away with it too.

The defeatist logic is pure gibberish, of course. It requires you to ignore the fact that the criminal justice system is a complex multi-step process. It also requires you to ignore the fact that once criminal targets reach a point where their homes are being raided, or inside witnesses have flipped on them, or a grand jury has been empaneled to indict them, they’re going to be indicted and arrested.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli helped remind everyone of this fact over the weekend when he tweeted this: “Within the next 3 months, Gaetz, Giuliani, Trump, & others will be indicted, arrested, & brought into the criminal justice system to later stand trial. Keep the faith.”

Three months sounds like a long time. But that’s just the maximum amount of time that he thinks it’ll take for all three indictments and arrests to play out. And in reality, that time will fly by. In the meantime Trump has been reduced to touting delusional fantasies about a magic rescue, Giuliani has become irrelevant, and Gaetz keeps running his mouth in a way that can only end up hurting him at trial.

The indictments and arrests of Trump, Giuliani, Gaetz, and others, when they come, will have a debilitating effect on the Republican Party and the right wing. GOP leaders will be split on whether to continue bending to the will of an obviously washed up Trump. House Republicans will be stuck owning the fact that they didn’t do anything about Gaetz when they could. And these criminal trials will be playing out just as the 2022 midterm election season is getting off the ground. Our job is to hold down the fort until the criminal justice system is finished doing its thing. We held things together for four years. We fought and won the election, and we’ve retaken the government. We can continue fighting and winning until the end, now that the end is in sight.

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