Former federal prosecutor raises questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report

Earlier today, the coroner released an autopsy report finding that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, while acknowledging that there were broken bones in his neck which medical experts say are more consistent with homicide. However, suicide still remains the most straightforward explanation.

That said, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner – best known these days for his appearances as a legal analyst on MSNBC – has some questions about what might have really happened when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Kirschner posted this tweet, which is certainly worth chewing on:

So the medical examiner has ruled. My view? Trust but verify. I want to see the toxicology results to make sure Epstein had no incapacitating drugs in his system. I want to see the DNA results of his fingernail scrapings to see if there was foreign DNA under his nails (=struggle)

Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who spent decades prosecuting criminal cases on the federal level, so he knows what he’s talking about. Meanwhile, Julie K. Brown, the Miami Herald reporter who has been leading the editorial charge in uncovering Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, says that while she believes Epstein did kill himself, she has doubts that he could have pulled it off without assistance. The plot thickens.

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