Former Attorney General Eric Holder seems to think Donald Trump is about to get indicted

As it’s become more clear over the past year or two that Donald Trump would eventually be exposed in several felony scandals, numerous media pundits have insisted there was a binding Department of Justice policy preventing a sitting president from being indicted. But as Palmer Report has been pointing out the entire time, this was never anything more than a stray forty year old memo that never carried any legal weight. Now a former U.S. Attorney General is confirming that Palmer Report is correct.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder stated on Twitter this evening that “A sitting President can be indicted.” So why is this a big deal? As the former head of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder knows full well what does and does not qualify as precedent and/or policy at the DOJ.

Not only is Holder casting doubt on the legitimacy of the supposed policy that a sitting president can’t be indicted, he’s taking it further by flat out stating that a sitting president can be indicted. Holder is also well aware, that as a former U.S. Attorney General, his opinion on this matter carries a whole lot of unofficial legal weight.

The question of course is why Eric Holder is making a point of publicly weighing in on this issue right now. He appears to believe that question at hand, whether or not Donald Trump can be indicted while he’s still in office, is on the verge of no longer being a mere hypothetical. Michael Cohen is about to publicly expose more of Trump’s crimes tomorrow. Is Holder expecting an SDNY indictment against Trump thereafter?