Forbes testifies to New York grand jury about Donald Trump’s falsified asset valuations

Even as we all focus on the January 6th Committee’s seeming intent to have the Department of Justice bring up Donald Trump on federal criminal charges, it’s easy to forget that Trump is under confirmed criminal investigation in New York for his finances, and in Georgia for election tampering. Now we’re getting big news out of New York.

Forbes Magazine just announced that it testified yesterday to the New York grand jury about articles it had previously published about Donald Trump’s falsified net worth, and Trump’s falsified valuation of one of his apartments. Forbes said that it didn’t want to have to testify, and that it only did so after it lost a subpoena battle – but it nonetheless testified.

This new testimony comes within the context of recent major media reports that the Manhattan District Attorney has empaneled a grand jury over Donald Trump’s overall pattern of falsification of asset values. To be clear, if it can be proven that he intentionally lied about the values of his properties on documents like mortgage applications, that’s the kind of felony that people go to prison for.

It’s been clear for some time that Manhattan DA Cy Vance is looking to bring criminal charges against Donald Trump over his finances. It’s notable that Vance is retiring in a couple weeks, at which point the case will be taken over by incoming Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has vowed to hold Trump accountable.


This late-December grand jury testimony suggests that Vance may be trying to criminally indict Donald Trump before he leaves office. So even though we’re heading into the holidays, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Manhattan DA’s office over these next two weeks. Will Vance indict Trump this month, or will he wait and let Bragg indict Trump in the new year? Stay tuned.

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