This morning Palmer Report documented just how much stranger than ever Donald Trump’s behavior has become over the past week. He’s begun threatening to shave his head, and he’s openly talking about fleeing the country if he loses. He’s begun dancing during rallies, with seemingly no awareness of how it gives away how thoroughly his coronavirus-infected body is broken.

Is it drugs? Is it the pressure? Is it a poorly timed psychotic break? We still don’t know. But we warned you that Trump’s behavior would get even stranger between now and the end of the election cycle, and sure enough, he’s spent today proving us right.

Thus far today Trump has called Dr. Fauci an “idiot.” He’s called CNN “dumb bastards.” He’s called a reporter a “criminal” for not covering the phony Hunter Biden laptop scandal. He told a story about him calling up Exxon and demanding a campaign donation in exchange for energy policy concessions, and it was so incoherent, there’s widespread debate about whether he was being sarcastic or confessing to a felony.

At this point Donald Trump is outright foaming at the mouth. He’s completely unraveling. He’s doing himself no favors whatsoever. And yet a large chunk of voters will still vote for this deranged puddle of babble no matter what, which means we have to turn out in overwhelming numbers to make sure he loses.

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