Trump and Rudy are plotting something new and insane

Over the past few days, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani have both been unusually quiet on Twitter. Rudy hasn’t tweeted since Thursday. Trump, apart from a few isolated explosions of confused rage, has been just as quiet. Now it turns out Trump and Rudy have something else in common at the moment: they’re both in Florida, hunkered down together and plotting their next round of lunacy.

Donald Trump’s big plan to get himself off the impeachment hook was to try to force the Department of Justice Inspector General to announce that the Trump campaign was framed; that failed in hilarious fashion. Rudy Giuliani’s big plan to get Trump off the hook was to travel to Ukraine, film incoherent conversations with his own criminal co-conspirators, release those conversations to the media, and expect anyone to care. That’s also failed, and it’s probably added a few more years onto Rudy’s upcoming prison sentence.

But these two idiots don’t have an off button, so Trump and Rudy met up at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night. What did they discuss specifically? That hasn’t been reported, but Bloomberg is characterizing it as a “quick hello.” Translation: Trump’s camp knew the meeting would become public knowledge, and they’re trying to downplay it by framing it as a non-meeting.


In any case, these two guys are clearly plotting something new and deranged in the name of trying to get themselves off the hook. Keep in mind that Plan A (conspiring with Ukraine) was so dumb it got Trump impeached, Plan B (the DOJ IG report) went nowhere, Plan C (Rudy going back to Ukraine) has made things far worse for Rudy, and whatever Plan D these idiots are cooking up will be even dumber. But they have to keep trying, because Rudy is getting arrested any day now, and Trump will be immediately arrested if he loses the 2020 election.

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