Donald Trump has meltdown in Florida as it all goes wrong for him

Donald Trump has decided to spend the holidays on vacation in Florida, as opposed to most weeks of the year when he acts like he’s on vacation in Washington DC. The “do nothing president” barely lifts a finger these days, except to turn up the volume on the remote when one of his shrinking number of Fox News sycophants comes on the air.

But Trump is doing one thing while he’s down in Florida: giving yet another deranged speech to a group of his deranged far-right cheerleaders. During his speech in West Palm Beach on Saturday, Trump had a total meltdown, whining that it’s “so unfair” what’s happening to him. To be clear, he’s referring to the fact that he got impeached after he was caught trying to criminally extort a foreign nation into rigging the 2020 election in his favor.

In Trump’s increasingly rotting mind, this translates to his political adversaries trying to “overthrow” the government. And by the “government” he means, of course, himself. This guy doesn’t care that House Democrats are strictly following the Constitution by impeaching him; he’s never thought that the Constitution applied to him.

The troubling part for Donald Trump is that while he’s in Florida for the holidays, he’ll likely be less strictly supervised by his political babysitters than usual. He’s been oddly quiet on Twitter so far today. But once he gets bored, he’ll begin tweeting increasingly deranged things. He’s just gotten to Florida, and he’s already melting down in speech. Wait til he’s a bit more unshackled.

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