Donald Trump just floated a name for his next National Security Adviser – and it’s even more absurd than we imagined

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced that he had fired his third National Security Adviser John Bolton, apparently for not being sufficiently friendly to the Taliban. Speculation has played out across the board today as to where Trump might go for his fourth National Security Adviser. But now Trump himself is publicly floating a name – and it’s so absurd it’s almost chuckle-worthy.

While watching Fox News tonight in the hope that he’d get to hear talking heads say nice things about him, Donald Trump took a keen interest in an interview that just happened to be on the air: “Excellent interview by Condoleezza Rice on Martha Maccallum on Fox News. Very interesting and secure perspective on life.”

That’s right, because Trump happened to catch an interview with Condoleezza Rice while he was watching cable news tonight, he’s throwing Condoleezza’s name out there on Twitter, in a not-so-subtle trial balloon to see whether she might want to be his next National Security Adviser.

We’re guessing that any chance of Condoleezza Rice going to work for Donald Trump went out the window back when it was reported that he called her “bitch” awhile back. But hey, Trump loves to hire complete failures for jobs they’ve already proven they’re incapable of doing well, so anything is possible. But we’re now officially in the theater of the absurd. After Condoleezza Rice, will he offer the job to Jerry Rice? Jerry Seinfeld? Carrot Top? The night is still young.

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