Wow, Rudy Giuliani really is flat broke

When Rudy Giuliani accidentally butt-dialed an NBC News reporter awhile back, he unwittingly revealed that he didn’t have enough cash on hand to carry out his latest international criminal scheme. This raised questions about just how short on money Rudy might be. Now, thanks to his bizarre trip to Ukraine, we’re getting our answer – and it may prove important when it comes to Rudy’s inevitable arrest.

Rudy Giuliani arrived in Ukraine on “low-cost airline Wizz Air,” according to Kyiv Post. This guy is the personal attorney for the President of the United States, and yet he’s flying around on a laughably low-budget airline. Rudy considers himself to be extraordinarily important, and he thinks he’s acting as some kind of super spy during this trip. So if he could be flying first class, or at least flying on an airline that lets you pick your own seat, he would. This tells us that Rudy has so little cash on hand, he can’t even afford a decent-priced flight.

Okay, so we all get to make fun of Rudy Giuliani for being flat broke in addition to hilariously incompetent and on the verge of arrest. But there’s a far more important point here. If Rudy is too broke to buy a decent airplane ticket, then he’s too broke to mount much of legal defense once he’s arrested. More to the point, if any nefarious dark forces out there were planning to fund Rudy’s legal defense, they’d have funded his Ukraine stunt too. Yet Rudy was clearly working with virtually zero money during his trip.

One of the main reasons people cut plea deals and flip on their co-conspirators is that the legal process has bled them dry and they can’t afford to continue mounting an expensive legal defense. Rudy Giuliani is flat broke and flying around on a joke of an airline even before his arrest and trial proceedings begin. He just might have to cut a swift deal after his arrest after all.

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