Donald Trump’s latest press briefing is already a flaming dumpster fire from hell

More intent on losing the 2020 election than ever, Donald Trump decided to open his press briefing today with one of the most ridiculous sequences in presidential history. Yesterday the CDC director, Dr. Robert Redfield, said that the second coronavirus wave in the fall could be worse than the current one. So Trump forced Redfield to get on stage today and pretend he didn’t say what he’d just said.

The kicker is that, after Redfield finished groveling for his job, a reporter read Redfield’s quote back to him and asked him if it was correct. Redfield then said yes. When Trump insisted that it was the headline that was inaccurate, a reporter pointed out why, only for Trump to complain that “you weren’t called on.”

At that point Dr. Birx, who has already largely ruined her own reputation, jumped in and delivered a bunch of gibberish aimed at leaving everyone too confused to understand what was going on. But there was no mistaking what happened: Donald Trump forced the CDC Director to lie about his own words in order to keep his job. This kind of stupid crap is why Trump is so far behind in the polls.

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