Everyone piles on Donald Trump for his “Flaming Dancer” disaster

Donald Trump is now facing multiple 2020 Republican primary challengers who could rough him up pretty badly, leaving him limping into the 2020 general election. Worse, even as Trump tries to wage war against these primary challengers, his cognitive abilities are failing him by the day. That brings us to Trump’s “Flaming Dancer” disaster.

This morning, Donald Trump took this swing at one of his primary challengers: “When the former Governor of the Great State of South Carolina,
Mark Sanford, was reported missing, only to then say he was away hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then was found in Argentina with his Flaming Dancer friend, it sounded like his political career was over.”

It’s true that Mark Sanford had a scandal along these lines. But Trump tripped himself up and fell on his face when he claimed there was a “Flaming Dancer” involved. He was apparently trying to type “Flamingo Dancer” while thinking of “Flamenco Dancer,” or something along those lines. The kicker is that the woman involved, Maria Belén Chapur, was a journalist, and not a flaming, flamingo, or flamenco dancer. The replies on Twitter came fast and furious, and set off a whole new line of memes and punchlines.

Notably, this comes after Donald Trump posted a lengthy tirade late last night about model and activist Chrissy Teigen, while only referring to her as the “filthy mouthed wife” of singer John Legend. As Trump continues to spiral downward, he appears increasingly inclined to not even say the names of the women he’s dragging into his scandals. Trump’s sexism and misogyny continue to become more blatant, and more weird.

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