Donald Trump suddenly has a five point problem

This morning, Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump’s ongoing, obsessive, and pointless public attacks on former adviser Anthony Scaramucci were giving away that Trump truly feared what Scaramucci might be able to do to him in the 2020 election. The question was whether it was mere paranoia, or if Scaramucci might be onto something.

Now we have at least a hint at that answer. Anthony Scaramucci has been roughly as successful over the years at Wall Street financial maneuvering, as he’s been unsuccessful at working in the White House. The Mooch has spent the past week letting it be known that he plans to try to derail Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. But how can a guy who sucks at politics be any good at taking down an incumbent presidential candidate? It turns out Scaramucci is using the thing he’s good at.

That’s right, Scaramucci is launching a Super PAC to run advertisements aimed at taking Donald Trump down. This is a big deal, because Super PACs are all about money, and Scaramucci is a money guy. He thinks he can take five points off Trump’s vote total, and while that may or not be overly optimistic, a few points can be all that it takes to tip the scales.

For instance Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by two percent in 2016, which was just barely enough for him to win the Electoral College. If Trump had lost the popular vote by three or four point, he’d have lost the Electoral College as well. Maybe Scaramucci and his Super PAC partners really can move the needle just enough to make sure Trump can’t win in 2020. Considering Trump’s obsession with attacking the Mooch, it sure feels like Trump thinks it’s a legitimate threat.

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