First Lady Dr. Jill Biden just nailed it

Dr. Jill Biden has only been First Lady for a few weeks, but she’s already done more with the position than… well, you know. Now she’s carved out a major policy position that’ll do a ton of good for the country.

Jill Biden simply tweeted this: “Everyone should have access to free community college.” Sure, it’s just one sentence. But coming from the First Lady, it carries weight. She likely just set the Biden administration on a path to introducing legislation to make this happen.


Not only is it a smart idea, it’s smart of her to begin building public support for it before the legislation ends up being introduced. By sending everyone to community college who wants it, the workforce will become far more educated, productive, and prosperous for the economy. It’s the kind of investment that the nation will begin seeing returns on in just two years. It’ll pay for itself rather quickly. It’s nice having a First Lady again.

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