First Lady Dr. Jill Biden comes through

Although it is indeed wonderful to have competency, ethics, and honesty back in the Presidency, we cannot forget about one other thing we have back as well. That is a beautiful and elegant First Lady. Jill Biden has a quality about her that just radiates warmth and class. I believe she will go down in history as one of America’s most loved First ladies.

And unlike the wife of he who must not be named, Jill is someone young girls can look toward as a role model. Her background is in education, and she embodies the best of this country. And now the First lady has officially received the 2021 White House Christmas tree!

This gorgeous tree arrived from Peak Farms, located in Jefferson, North Carolina. The Fraser fir arrived by horse carriage. Jill Biden was on hand to receive it at the North Portico. The tree will be located in the Blue room of the White House.

Isn’t this nice? Isn’t it SO NICE to have a First lady that is gracious and humble and who does not cuss out Christmas? On the contrary, our FLOTUS was joyous upon receiving the magnificent tree.


At one point, Jill broke off a small piece and presented it to her grandchild, baby Beau — who was being tenderly cradled by his parents Hunter and Melissa. “It’s beautiful, Magnificent actually,” she exclaimed. To that we say — so are you First Lady Jill Biden. And what is also incredible is having the joys of laughter back in the peoples’ house — hopefully for a very long time.

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