Here come the fireworks

Donald Trump knows it’s coming. He just spent the weekend posting more than a hundred frantic tweets and retweets, attacking people on his own side for refusing to go to corrupt lengths to protect him, and lamenting all the things that are about to happen to him that he can’t stop. Here come the fireworks.

Based on the way things have been progressing, we can probably expect that Robert Mueller will announce his resignation from the Department of Justice this week, just as the House Judiciary Committee is announcing his testimony date. Based on the mathematical trends, we can probably expect the first major poll to be released this week showing that a majority of Americans want Donald Trump impeached. We can probably expect a federal judge to rule on Tuesday that accounting firm Mazars is free to immediately give Trump’s financial records to House Democrats. And that’s just the half of it.

Trump keeps launching Twitter attacks on his own former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who is set to publicly testify against him next week. Trump has begun attacking his own current FBI Director Christopher Wray, for refusing to play along with Trump’s phony conspiracy theories about his political adversaries. Neither of these developments is likely to go well for Trump.

So where precisely is this week headed? We don’t know. We just know that, by the time it’s over, Donald Trump should be in a much more compromised position than he’s in right now. Based on the way he’s begun acting out, he seems to know it too. Get ready for the fireworks. They’re coming, and soon, from all directions.

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