Now we know what’s going to finish Donald Trump off

Sam Nunberg’s epic meltdown on several major television networks during the course of Monday can’t have been good news for Donald Trump. Nunberg appears to claim that Trump, Roger Stone, and several other Trump-Russia players were guilty, even while insisting that he was willing to go to prison so he wouldn’t have to turn over evidence. We’ll see how much or little impact this bizarre incident has on the investigation. But it did make more clear than ever what it is that’s going to finish Trump off.

Nunberg hasn’t (officially) worked for Donald Trump for a couple of years, but he’s clearly a disturbed individual. How long has Nunberg been this erratic and mentally incompetent? We don’t know. But Trump’s other advisers have long claimed to the media that Nunberg was dangerously unstable. If Nunberg has always acted more or less like he was acting on television today, he should never have been working for the Trump Organization, the Trump campaign, or anything else. It’s one thing to make a bad hire. But Nunberg isn’t the exception here.

Sam Nunberg’s meltdown today appeared to be a misguided attempt at protecting Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser who by all accounts still communicates with Trump regularly. Stone is so unhinged, he’s been permanently banned from Twitter for his vicious sexist attacks on women. Trump’s other core political advisers include the likes of Steve Bannon, who has long come off as unstable, Sebastian Gorka, an alleged Neo-Nazi who has an arrest warrant against him in his native Hungary, Rob Porter, who is accused of having beaten up two ex-wives, Michael Flynn, who allegedly helped plot a kidnapping, and a whole host of other horror stories.

These types are not the exception when it comes to Donald Trump’s political hires; they’re the rule. Trump only seems to want to hire people who are dirty enough, incompetent enough, or unstable enough to want to do his personal bidding in the ugliest of ways. That means he’s surrounded himself with people who simply can’t be relied upon to have his back. Sam Nunberg seemed to think he was helping Trump today while confessing to everything under the sun. Trump is going to be taken down by the fact that, as the Trump-Russia pressure ramps up, his own terrible hires are going to keep – wittingly or unwittingly – exposing every last bit of his criminal foray into politics.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report