Joe Biden just had his finest hour

The thing about Joe Biden is that he always rises to the occasion. Tonight’s debate was the last chance for Biden and Donald Trump to address a huge mainstream national audience. Trump kept shrinking as the night went on, but Biden ended up having his finest hour.

Biden wasn’t perfect tonight; he’s not that guy. But what he might lack in polish, he more than made up for with passion, smarts, forthrightness, and a unique ability to connect with the American people. As the 2020 election cycle has gone on, Biden has only gotten better at this.

America needed Joe Biden to step up tonight and make sure that Donald Trump couldn’t lie and cheat his way into using the debate to close the gap in the polls, and sure enough, Biden came through for America. Now let’s make sure we turn out to vote for him in record numbers, so Biden can spent the next four years continuing to come through for America.

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