Donald Trump’s financial partner hangs him out to dry after election loss

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election, Deutsche Bank has been making rumblings about selling off Donald Trump’s loans and/or calling them in, which would lead to asset forfeitures. Now another of Trump’s financial partner is hanging him out to dry.

Vornado had been planning to sell off its share in a couple Trump-branded buildings, which could have netted Donald Trump as much as $1.5 billion in cash. But now the Wall Street Journal says that sale is suddenly off. Vornado says it’s because it couldn’t get the price it wanted. But the timing here can’t be ignored. Trump loses, and suddenly his real estate partner is no longer interested in getting him the cash he needs to survive the squeeze that entities like Deutsche Bank are about to put on him. Now that Trump has lost, he’s of no use to anyone in the financial world, and no one is afraid of him.

– In a presidential election, the winner really does win it over and over again. First the networks call it, then the final count, audit, certification, etc. By then, no one is paying attention. But by dragging this out, Trump is ensuring everyone knows he lost over and over again.

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