Donald Trump has finally run out of gas

All along, Palmer Report has tried to remind readers that Donald Trump doesn’t have a magic wand, and for that matter, neither does anyone in politics. Trump has had wins and losses just like anyone. His nonexistent border wall, largely nonexistent legislative accomplishments, and historically low approval rating are a reminder that this guy loses more often than he wins. But he’s been winning just often enough to keep his head an inch above water โ€“ until now.

You saw it coming when Rudy Giuliani’s henchmen โ€“ who are Donald Trump’s henchmen by extension โ€“ were arrested two days ago. That meant Rudy was going down next, and it meant that Trump had either decided he had to scapegoat Rudy, or he couldn’t stop the Feds from moving on Rudy. From there, the air started being let out of Trump’s ballon in rapid succession.

The Trump regime ordered former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovicth not to testify before the House impeachment inquiry. She testified anyway. That’s remarkable, considering she still works for the Trump regime. Then came news that Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill are also testifying; Trump apparently can’t stop them either. Then even more whistleblowers came forward from the State Department, even as a top official resigned in protest of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Even as all of this was playing out, various federal judges ruled on Friday that Donald Trump’s border wall funding was illegal, and that his immigration policies were illegal, even as an appeals court confirmed that Trump’s tax returns must be turned over. This guy isn’t winning on any level. He no longer appears to even be capable of focusing on trying to score any wins, because he’s too busy playing defense, and doing deranged things like the northern Syria pullout.

In a larger sense, no one is winning here. America and the world have been losing for as long as Donald Trump has illegitimately been in office. But in terms of the battle between Trump vs America, these past couple days have demonstrated that America really is in the process of finishing Trump off, and that Trump is too far gone to do anything to stop his own downfall.

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