Finally, justice for Ahmaud Arbery

It will be remembered as the day a Jury in the state of Georgia did the right thing. Ahmaud Arbery was a human being. He laughed and cried, had dreams and ambitions — just like all of us. And he was hunted — by a smug group of criminals and murderers. He was chased and ambushed and eventually killed — all because a few slimy creeps felt he didn’t belong.

Now it is official. It is these creeps who do not belong — outside of a prison cell, that is. This was the correct verdict — the right verdict — the ONLY verdict.

But still, there were fears. Trial by racism — pandering to the worse of human nature — still happens, and the motley group who represented these killers sure did their best. But it didn’t work. Lady Justice showed her strength. And now, these three will have no choice but to accept their fates — which are a direct result of their vile and evil decisions. Actions have consequences.

There will not be a day in the future where these men will not agonize over their choices. And so they should because the choices they made resulted in the tragedy.


Thank you to the Jury who saw beyond the race-baiting of the Defense. Thank you to the Judge and the Prosecutors. Most of all — hugs for the Arbery family. This verdict will not bring Ahmaud back. But it does show that Justice still exists. And Justice was served on a hot platter today. RIP Ahmaud.

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