The takedown of Donald Trump is finally underway

Donald Trump declared today that he’s not going to resign from the presidency โ€“ which of course is something you’d only feel compelled to say if you’re feeling pressure to resign from the presidency. There’s a reason why Trump is now talking like this. After months of tedious grunt work by the House Democrats to line things up, they’re now finally in motion to finish Trump off.

Today’s public House Judiciary Committee hearing, which featured John Dean explaining why Donald Trump’s crimes were Nixon-esque, and a pair of respected prosecutors explaining why Trump’s actions were indeed criminal, was the de facto opening ceremony for Trump’s impeachment. It was a way of setting the stage for everything that comes next โ€“ and we’re now going to see those “next” things happen on a daily basis.

Today, Attorney General William Barr essentially sold out Donald Trump in order to try to save himself from being held in criminal contempt, when he gave House Democrats instant access to underlying Mueller report materials. Then House Democrats announced that they’re going to take civil contempt action against Barr tomorrow anyway โ€“ and they’re going to come down hard on Don McGahn as well. Then on Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee will hold public hearings into the Trump-Russia counterintelligence probe.


This comes even as House Democrats continue to fight the unexciting yet crucial court battles to get their hands on the evidence and testimony needed to take Donald Trump down. But suffice it to say that we’ve entered the public phase of the Trump takedown, and we’re now going to see new developments on that front in accelerating fashion going forward.

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