Donald Trump is already screwing up his final election legal battle

How many times can the Supreme Court tell Donald Trump to get lost, before he stops asking them to magically overturn the election? At this point it turns out Trump isn’t even really trying anymore.

On Sunday, the Trump 2020 campaign announced it was filing a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to overturn three rulings from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. To be clear, the U.S. Supreme Court has a literally 0.0% chance of overturning these rulings. Trump seems to know this is a lost cause, because even though he’s spent all week demanding that the U.S. Supreme Court grant him relief by today, he didn’t actually file his petition until today.

Moreover, Trump’s newly filed petition asks for responses to be filed by noon today, yet Trump appears to have filed the petition after noon. In other words, even if Trump did have some slim chance of winning this, which he doesn’t, he’s sabotaging his own case by screwing up the basics of the filing.

Of course Trump knows he isn’t going to magically win this case, and he’s not even trying to win it. He’s simply trying to drag out the illusion that he’s “contesting” the election, so he can continue fundraising off it. Trump’s election legal challenges always had a 100% chance of failing. They’re just a stunt, and now they’re becoming a lasting punchline that could turn voters in the middle against Trump’s Republican Party going forward.

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