Donald Trump’s final days

Each time Donald Trump opens his mouth, it becomes more clear just how far removed from reality and mental competence he is. And each time more information emerges about the inner workings of his sham of a 2020 campaign, it becomes more clear that he’s not remotely in control of what’s going on around him.

This has been highlighted of late by the personal spending spree of Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, which has included sports cars and luxury condos, amid reports that Trump has been threatening legal action against Parscale, and James Carville’s assertion that Parscale has been feeding Trump fake poll numbers to placate him.

Now former republican strategist Steve Schmidt has appeared on-air with Joy Reid this evening and described Donald Trump as “Elvis in his final days,” which saw Elvis Presley’s handlers trying to bilk him for all they could take, while trying to keep him placated as his mind and body rotted until he keeled over.

Of course none of this necessarily makes it any easier to beat Donald Trump. He ran an ineffective campaign last time, got his butt kicked, and only “won” because Comey wrote a last minute letter. This time around, a fading Trump will run an even less effective campaign, but we still have to work hard and run up the score in order to make sure that any cheating or flukes aren’t enough to put Trump over the top. That said, though, there’s no mistaking that Trump is in cognitive decline and he’s a shell of his former self.

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