Roger Stone throws a fit after it leaks out that he secretly pleaded the Fifth

On a day that’s going to end up being dominated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo for Michael Flynn, things have begun to close in on a different Trump-Russia player as well. Roger Stone has privately told the Senate that he’s pleading the Fifth. Remarkably, Stone and his legal team are now throwing a fit because the public has found out that he’s pleading the Fifth.

Roger Stone has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, invoking the Fifth Amendment in the name of refusing to cooperate with its Trump-Russia investigation, according to the committee’s ranking member Dianne Feinstein. Stone apparently didn’t want this information to become public knowledge, as his lawyers are now complaining vigorously about it to ABC News. But why?

One possibility is that Roger Stone didn’t want the public to know that he’s going this route. But we’re not sure this makes any logical sense, as Stone has proudly and repeatedly declared that he’ll refuse to cooperate with what he calls a sham Trump-Russia investigation. Then there’s the other possibility: he didn’t want Donald Trump to know about it.

Just yesterday, in an act of felony witness tampering, Donald Trump publicly praised Roger Stone for standing by him in the Trump-Russia scandal. Was Trump expecting Stone to go and lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee on his behalf? Is Stone pleading the Fifth as a way of trying limit his own legal liability? Was Trump not supposed to find out? Is this why Stone is throwing a fit that it leaked? Something is brewing here.

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