Fifteen of Donald Trump’s former advisers are reportedly lining up to take him down

Sometimes you just have to take the win. That’s the case even when the win is being handed to you by someone like former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, someone we don’t like or respect. In that regard, Grisham – along with a number of other former Trump advisers – are apparently preparing to take a big swing at Donald Trump.

Grisham is now telling CNN that “about fifteen” unnamed former Trump advisers are meeting next week to discuss formal steps they can take in order to bring Donald Trump down. No specifics are being made public. But given that Grisham recently began fully cooperating with the January 6th Committee, it’s reasonable to suppose that this meeting may have something to do with that.


Even if you don’t respect these former Trump advisers, and you don’t find it acceptable that they’re finally taking action against him so late in the game after all the harm they helped him do, it’s still not about that. This is about taking Trump down and restoring justice and the rule of law accordingly. If they’re willing to help do that, then we’re all in. We’ll see what they deliver, and whether it ends up being of real value.

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