Donald Trump and Hope Hicks now appear to be feuding with each other

Hope Hicks’ boyfriend Rob Porter has resigned from the White House in the wake of a domestic violence scandal involving two ex-wives. John Kelly knew about Porter’s history but kept him on the job anyway. When the news was about to break, Kelly tricked multiple people, including Hicks, into issuing statements in support of Porter. Now that it’s all said and done, Trump blames Hicks for the entire mess. Wait, what?

That’s the best we’ve been able to piece together the Rob Porter scandal and coverup saga, based on partial reports from various major news outlets. The latest report, this time from CNN, has Donald Trump “increasingly frustrated” at Hope Hicks over the saga. So what did Hicks actually do wrong? Best we can tell, she was a victim. Kelly and/or his underlings began spreading the false claim that the accusations against Porter were a fabrication on the part of Hicks’ jealous ex-boyfriend Corey Lewandowski, according to an earlier Daily Beast report (link). This false claim appears to have made its way to Hicks, who was prompted to write and release an overzealous letter in defense of Porter.

If this is all being reported accurately, then Hicks appears to be the victim here. Trump’s goons decided to keep Porter in the White House despite his allegedly violent history, and apparently didn’t warn Hicks that she might be in physical danger, even after she started dating him. Then Trump’s goons misled Hicks into believing that her ex-boyfriend was spreading lies about her current boyfriend. Whatever you think of Hicks, and we think she’s going to prison for obstruction of justice in the Russia scandal, this is a grotesque mistreatment of her. She’s surely figured out what really transpired by now, and she’s got to be even more pissed at Trump than Trump is at her.

So now it appears Donald Trump and his closest senior adviser Hope Hicks are feuding with each other because John Kelly really, really, really wanted to protect an alleged serial domestic abuser. Did Trump know about Porter’s history too? Did Trump know what Kelly was doing to try to cover it up? This scandal gets more disgusting by the hour. Oh, and let’s not forget that Hicks soon has to decide whether to cut a plea deal against Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report