Donald Trump has berserk meltdown about Michael Cohen, commits another felony

Last night the proverbial dam seemed to finally break when it was exposed that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie under oath to Congress about Trump Tower Moscow, and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hard evidence to prove it. Yes, it’s yet another Trump felony in a long line of Trump felonies. But this time felt different. Now Trump has gone and made it worse today.

Suborning perjury is not nearly as severe as Donald Trump’s other crimes like espionage, money laundering, conspiracy against the United States, and so on. But it is a much more cut and dry crime, one that everyone understands, and one that can be easily proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the proper evidence. It’s a particularly big deal because, even as Trump yells “no obstruction” and “no collusion,” he’s been caught committing obstruction to try to cover up collusion.

Worse for Trump, this comes just as the House Democrats have been gearing up to begin the impeachment process. They’ve merely been waiting for Robert Mueller to make his findings about Donald Trump official, which according to various media reports could be in as soon as two to three weeks. Now this latest news has prompted the public to begin screaming for impeachment, at a volume not previously heard.

The best chance the Democrats have of successfully impeaching and ousting Trump is if the public is already demanding it before the process begins. Now at this point the prevailing discussion among the public is not whether Trump should be impeached, but simply whether the impeachment process should wait a few weeks for Mueller or begin right this minute. Trump may have made that decision a lot easier today.

Donald Trump woke up this morning and tweeted this about Michael Cohen: “Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!” So now Trump is threatening Cohen’s family, in particular pushing for a criminal investigation into Cohen’s father-in-law, in an attempt at punishing Cohen for being a witness against him. This is felony witness intimidation in plain sight. At this late date, whenever Trump commits a new felony, it only speeds up his ouster. Trump almost seems to want to be taken down at this point.

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