Feds subpoena grand jury witness in criminal indictment of Rudy Giuliani

When the Feds obtain a warrant to raid someone’s house, it means two things are clear. First, the Feds already have enough evidence to nail that person, or else they couldn’t have obtained the warrant; the raid is more about the endgame. Second, it means the Feds are going to end up indicting and arresting that person.

Sure enough, ABC News is now reporting that the Feds have seized a computer belonging to Rudy Giuliani’s longtime assisant Joann Zafonte, and they’ve subpoenaed her to testify to a federal grand jury next month. This kind of insider testimony โ€“ which Zafonte will have to provide unless she wants to get busted for obstruction โ€“ helps make for a slam dunk conviction. That sends a clear message to Rudy that he might as well cut a plea deal now against bigger fish.

Rudy Giuliani is 76 years old. He’s clearly in cognitive decline. He appears frail. For him, any prison sentence would be a de facto life sentence. So now he’s got to decide if he’s willing to give up Donald Trump in order to have a chance of tasting freedom again.

Rudy may need to make his decision in a hurry, given this afternoon’s NY Times report that the Feds also raided the home of another Trump lawyer who was involved in the Ukraine criminal plot, Victoria Toensing. Generally, only the first person to flip gets a lenient deal.

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