Federalist Society co-founder turns loudly against “fascist” Donald Trump

If you’re not familiar with the Federalist Society, it’s a group that argues for a far-right conservative interpretation of the Constitution. One of its co-founders, Steven Calabresi, has been a defender of Donald Trump up until now. Calabresi attacked Robert Mueller’s probe and argued against Trump’s impeachment. But now he’s changed his mind and he’s arguing in favor of Trump’s ouster.

In a new op-ed, Calabresi says that his mind was changed today when Donald Trump posted a tweet threatening to postpone the November election. Trump has zero ability to even try to do this, as the Constitution clearly assigns that power to Congress, and we all know Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to postpone the election. But even Trump’s empty threat is enough for Calabresi to conclude that Trump is a “fascist.”


Calabresi is calling for Donald Trump to be impeached by the Democratic House again, and this time removed by the Republican Senate. There is still no indication that Republicans are willing to remove Trump. However, GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy quickly confirmed that the election will take place on schedule no matter what, thus shutting down Trump’s deranged fantasy.

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