Federal Judge asked Chief Justice John Roberts to intervene in Brett Kavanaugh scandal

No wonder Senate Republicans were so desperate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court so quickly. The mounting allegations and scandals surrounding him weren’t just turning him radioactive in the court of public opinion. It turns out a federal judge tried to get Chief Justice John Roberts involved after Kavanaugh’s perjury-filled Senate testimony.

The story, which is coming from the Washington Post today, is a somewhat complicated one. Federal Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson, who serves on the same court at Brett Kavanaugh, received a large number of formal complaints about Kavanaugh during and after his testimony. She dismissed some of those complaints as being “frivolous” but decided that some of the other complaints were so serious that they needed to be referred to John Roberts. According to the Post, Roberts didn’t end up taking any action, and because of the way these things work, it wouldn’t have stopped or delayed Kavanaugh from being confirmed anyway. But it’s still a big deal, because now we know something we didn’t.

Interestingly, most of the complaints about Kavanaugh centered around the testimony he gave about his time working in the Bush White House. Although not specifically stated, it’s not difficult to figure out that these were complaints that Kavanaugh perjured himself. This would suggest that these complaints came from people who were in a position to know the facts about his time in the Bush administration, which in turn suggests this may have come from his former colleagues, or people in position to give first hand testimony that Kavanaugh committed perjury. We all know that Kavanaugh repeatedly perjured himself, but meeting the legal threshold of proof is important.

We’re a month away from an election that could hand the Democrats control of the House and possibly the Senate. If the Democrats do win the House, they’ll seize control over every House committee, and gain the ability to immediately send out subpoenas and make criminal referrals. Although the complaints about Brett Kavanaugh that were referred to John Roberts didn’t go anywhere, the people who made the complaints will be ready and willing to do it again once a Democratic House is willing to put their testimony to good use. The November elections are now even more crucial than ever.