Rod Rosenstein confirms Donald Trump’s worst fear

Donald Trump woke up this morning and had a meltdown about the Trump-Russia investigation that was over the top even by his standards. This came after a midnight meltdown last night. So much for the notion that he thinks the latest Supreme Court developments are going to save him. Then as the day went on we found out why Trump has been so frantically nervous about the probe.

Donald Trump’s allies in the House GOP decided to put on a dog and pony show today by hauling in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, and grilling them about the imaginary conspiracies that only exist in Donald Trump’s head. While Wray’s actions this year have demonstrated that he’s definitely not playing for Team Trump, he used his appearance before the cameras today to keep himself non-controversial, seemingly aware that Trump was watching, and wanting to make sure he didn’t get himself fired. Rosenstein, however, was a different story.

By now two things are clear. Donald Trump, based on his various tweets, really fears Rod Rosenstein and has no idea how to get rid of him. Rosenstein, based on his words and actions, has no fear of Trump. We saw that again today, as Rosenstein calmly and confidently knocked down one wild conspiracy theory after another. Then came the moment where Rosenstein was asked about Trump’s recent claim that he’s been vindicated on Russian collusion.

Rod Rosenstein simply replied “There is an ongoing investigation.” Upon further questioning, he pointed to the charges that have already been filed against various Trump people, and then he confirmed again that the investigation has not concluded. These few words tell us a lot. First, it tells us that Trump is indeed being investigated for collusion, as part of a criminal investigation. If that weren’t the case, or if Trump had been exonerated on collusion, Rosenstein would have said so. In other words, the investigation is ramping up and heading in Trump’s direction – and that’s what Trump fears the most.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report