How the FBI is saving us from Donald Trump’s lies

With Donald Trump, by some accounts, telling over 2000 lies already and his press secretaries doing their best to match him, the American public is now accustomed to the government lying. While politicians have a reputation for lying and for making campaign promises that somehow don’t work out, this administration’s lying is something else altogether. When abusive individuals lie, we call that gaslighting. This autocratic government’s constant lying has to be called “fascist gaslighting.”

In our new fact-free universe/national abusive relationship, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provides the antidote. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has procured several guilty pleas for LYING. The message sent to the shady characters in this drama is that lying to the FBI is a serious offense. More importantly, the message sent to the American public is one of rehabilitation; nurturing and restoring the Truth.

Lying in a personal relationship is a bad idea because intimacy depends on Trust. If you lie, your partner is within their rights to show you the door permanently so they can go find an honest partner. But, you’re not going to prison for that. Lying to the FBI is exponentially worse because the authorities now have you dead to rights and can take away your liberty and assets.

Lying is commonly accepted as bad. Yet, the mainstream media struggled to say that Trump was lying, that Sean Spicer was lying, that Sarah Sanders was lying. Over time, they added phrases like “said without evidence” and other qualifiers. The MSM is still not saying when Trump is LYING. Recently, PBS found a new way to say it, “Over the past week, Trump also weighed in on the economy and infrastructure in ways that did not always line up with reality.” While the MSM is hemming and hawing, Robert Mueller is restoring the Truth.

Cyndi Root is a writer and artist. She graduated from Yale University (turned down Harvard), where she was an All-American field hockey forward.