FBI reportedly targeting Rudy Giuliani

After the Feds arrested Rudy Giuliani’s alleged co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman a year ago, it became pretty clear that Rudy was eventually going down as well. We even saw media leaks about SDNY investigating Rudy’s finances to tie him to illegal overseas antics.

But even as so many of Donald Trump’s henchmen ended up getting arrested, including Steve Bannon, the arrest of Rudy Giuliani never did come. Palmer Report’s suspicion was that because of the likelihood that Trump would simply pardon Rudy, the Feds didn’t want to bring the charges against Rudy until after Trump was out the door. After all, while Trump can preemptively give Rudy a pardon before he’s charged, it’ll be harder for Trump and Rudy to pull off if they don’t fully know what all Rudy is going to be charged with.

So it’s notable that with Trump now just 61 days from being gone from office, the FBI is now reportedly zeroing on on Rudy Giuliani, even going so far as to question witnesses about his antics involving Ukraine and Russia. This could signal one of two things.

First, the Feds could be looking to charge Rudy with something now, just to shut down his insanely seditious election antics; even though Trump would likely end up pardoning him on those specific charges, it would still force Rudy to shift into playing defense instead of offense. And then after Trump is gone, the Feds could still charge Rudy with whatever Trump didn’t pardon him for.

Second, the Feds could just be finalizing their case against Rudy so they can arrest him on all charges the minute Trump is out of power. Either way, this was always going to end badly for Rudy. No wonder he’s panicking so badly, and all but begging Trump for a pardon with these silly election antics.

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