FBI probes whether Trump’s U.S. Capitol attack was funded by overseas operative who died by suicide

Each new arrest proves that the people who invaded the U.S Capitol were disorganized and bumbling stooges who had no idea what they were even trying to do. They clearly had some kind of help, or they wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.

Now the FBI says it’s investigating whether the operation was funded by overseas entities. It’s traced huge bitcoin payments from an operative in France to various right wing entities, some of whom were leading the charge in pushing the phony election claims that were repeated by the Capitol attackers.

Even more suspicious: NBC News says that the operative who made these payments then died by suicide shortly thereafter. This obviously raises all kinds of red flags.


The Feds haven’t determined whether this might have originated in Russia or in some other nation. But the whole thing keeps getting more and more suspicious. American right wing propaganda outlets have spent the Trump era parroting the same false information that Russian state owned propaganda outlets have promoted, so it wouldn’t be shocking to find a financial connection and/or propaganda coordination. With Trump, all roads seem to inevitably lead to Russia.

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