Donald Trump and his family are crashing and burning tonight

– Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump all have something in common right now: none of them has offered well wishes to Donald Trump Jr on his coronavirus. This isn’t surprising. Junior has reportedly had coronavirus all week, and was apparently planning to keep it from the public, until it leaked on Friday. The Trump clan really is still trying to pretend that coronavirus simply doesn’t exist. The entire Trump family is crashing and burning tonight.

– After the news broke that New York State was expanding its civil and criminal probes of the Trump Organization to include payments made to Ivanka Trump, she angrily lashed out at New York officials on Twitter. Her tweet ended up getting more than 60,000 mostly negative replies – a sign that most of the public is rooting for New York on this one.

– It’s over for Trump in Arizona. Maricopa County went ahead and certified its results tonight, and now a judge has thrown out Trump’s final lawsuit, stating that she was doing so “for many reasons.” That’s right, even the judges have had enough.

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