Jeffrey Epstein scandal fallout takes new turn

Two days before Jeffrey Epstein died, Palmer Report pointed out that his former financial associate Leslie Wexner of Victoria’s Secret fame had begun trying to throw Epstein under the bus in order to insulate himself from Epstein’s scandals. Wexner publicly accused Epstein of having stolen millions of dollars from him over the years. Since Epstein’s death, that’s taken on a new twist.

It turns out Wexner is actively cooperating with federal investigators by turning over documents which show how Epstein stole money from him, according to CNBC. Wexner has also hired a high profile criminal defense attorney, according to KTLA. For that matter, Victoria’s Secret has hired outside counsel due to the company’s past association with Epstein.

None of this means any of these folks are going to be criminally charged, or that they’re even under criminal investigation. What it does mean is that this whole thing has turned so radioactive, everyone who’s ever partnered with Jeffrey Epstein is now expecting to be looked at closely – and they’re all trying to protect themselves from the fallout.

Earlier this week, SDNY made a point of publicly stressing the fact that there had been a “conspiracy” charge against Jeffrey Epstein. That’s a big deal, because by legal definition, a conspiracy charge requires one or more co-conspirators. SDNY was clearly hinting that those co-conspirators are going to be targeted. We still have no idea who those co-conspirators are, but this isn’t likely to go well for them. For what it’s worth, Donald Trump sure is acting guilty when it comes to the Epstein scandal.

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