Donald Trump is falling to pieces

Donald Trump has spent the past week getting confused about what state he’s in, calling his allies by the wrong name, inventing phrases like “under levered,” and reminding us repeatedly that his cognitive issues are getting worse. Speaking of cognitive issues, now Trump is calling Jon Voight out of the bullpen.

Jon Voight used to be known as a solid actor. These days he’s best known for posting creepy, unhinged, senile videos full of deranged conspiracy theories and incoherent political babbling. A couple days ago Voight posted a video simply titled “Evil” – and it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Tonight, Trump decided to retweet Jon Voight’s video, adding “John, thank you. Such a great honor!”

That’s right, Donald Trump still doesn’t know how to spell Jon Voight’s first name. Trump can’t even get the names right of the few people who like him. Maybe Trump can go ask Matt Gaetz, or Rick Gates, if he can figure out how to tell them apart. This all keeps getting more strange. Just make sure you turn out to vote, so we can move past Donald Trump and not have to worry about what his unraveling behavior means for the nation.

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