Donald Trump administration publishes bizarre list of fake White House interns

The Trump administration is not known for its attention to detail or accuracy. For a team that cries “fake news” and “lying media,” it should check its own work product. In what can only be described as perhaps an early April Fools joke, or perhaps someone seeing if they could slide one past Donald Trump, the Economic Report of the President from March 2019 lists alongside some real-life interns some fictional characters. The list in the Report is:

Interns Student interns provide invaluable help with research projects, day-to-day operations, and fact-checking. Interns during the previous year were Brittany Amano, Jackson Bailey, Rana Bansal, Christian Brown, Lydia Byrom, John Cleese, Alexis Cirrotti, Jesse Dennis, Mackenzie Dickhudt, Adam Donoho, Troy Durie, Michael Everett, Isabelle Holland, Wesley Huang, J. T. Hutt, Kathryn Janeway, Mostafa Kamel, Ayesha Karnik, David Laszcz, John Leo, Eugene Liu, Kacey Manlove, Aunt May, Kevin Nguyen, Katherine Olsson, Sarah Park, Peter Parker, Pragya Parthasarathy, Arjun Ramani, Kriyana Reddy, Steve Rogers, Jake Rosen, Joshua Siegel, John Snow, Nirali Trivedi, Bruce Wayne, Amanda Wilcox, and Jacob Ziemba.

Perhaps the Janeway listed is real and not really the Star Trek character. Same for Bruce Wayne (Batman), Peter Parker (Spiderman), John (sic) Snow (Game of Thrones), and J.T. Hutt (Jabba the Hut from Star Wars). Martha Gimbel took a screenshot and posted it on Twitter so when it is corrected, it will remain for posterity.

But this is not the only area where the Trump administration is not doing a great job of accuracy or quality control. For example, according to a Washington Post report, Trump is winning only 6 percent of federal lawsuits trying to implement his policies, well below the normal win percentage in these kinds of suits, which is around 70 percent.

Donald Trump likes to talk about how unprecedented his first two years have been. Once again, like a clock right twice a day, he is right – the work product is sloppy on a level not seen before. Maybe he needs superheroes Spell Checker Super Lawyer to help him out.