Devin Nunes busted in bizarre new secret plot

Each time Devin Nunes does something stupid, and we think there’s no way he can possibly top it with something even more stupid, he finds a way. Wait, does that mean he’s secretly smart? Nunes isn’t good at anything else; is he uniquely talented at being stupid? In any case, now that his Trump-Russia memo has blown up in his face and he’s tried to build a physical wall down the middle of his committee’s office, Nunes has been caught doing something even more stupid.

There’s a political news site called “The California Republican” which, as you might expect, covers Golden State politics from a conservative vantage point. Trouble is, it’s not a real news site. Instead it’s a concoction secretly created by – you guessed it – Devin Nunes. He hired some local social media guy to create the site, and that guy didn’t even bother to keep his own name off the domain registration, according to a Politico report (link). If you’re not familiar with how websites are run, this is keystone cops level stuff. But that’s nothing compared to the content on the site itself.

One of the site’s articles took a direct shot at Nunes’ House colleague Ted Lieu, with the headline “Dem CA Rep roasted on CNN, proceeds to make a fool of himself.” This would be perfectly fine if this were coming from some political journalist or group of bloggers out there who simply wanted to write these kinds of articles from that point of view. But when a United States Congressman secretly launches a phony political news site so he can use it to take pot shots at Congressmen from the opposition party, something is terribly wrong.

As is so often the case with Devin Nunes, it’s difficult to figure out what’s more preposterous here: the fact that he actually tried doing something so nakedly corrupt and dishonest, or that he did it in such a manner that it was so easy for him to get caught. Even more absurdly, Nunes used his phony news site to push for the release of his own memo. You’d best believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into obstruction of justice charges over Nunes’ phony memo, so this website could actually be seen as evidence of Nunes’ guilt.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report