Donald Trump’s attorney caught setting up fake company for Trump’s blackmailers

Not only did Donald Trump and his attorney want to make sure adult film actress didn’t blab about her affair with Trump, they wanted to make sure no one could follow the money that they paid her. Accordingly, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen set up a sham company in Delaware, where the laws about such things are the most lax, and used it to make the $130,000 payment. The trouble: Cohen screwed up the paperwork and outed himself. The big upshot: now we know how Trump and his blackmailers pass money around.

Cohen set up a fake company for the sole purpose of sending $130,000 to Stormy Daniels. But instead of finding a third party attorney to list as the “authorized person” for the sham company, Cohen made the mistake of using his own name, according to a new Wall Street Journal report (link). This sloppy decision allowed the entire thing to be tracked down and exposed. It shatters the claims being made by Trump and Cohen that the payout never happened. It also exposes how they go about doing business with blackmailers.

Who else has Trump secretly paid off over the years? Those answers are now likely findable, simply by continuing to hunt down shell companies connected to Cohen. This will obviously help to expose any other blackmail payments that Trump may have sent to other women in his sex life over the years. If it’s true that Trump likes to perform lewd acts with prostitutes, will we soon learn that he bought their silence during the election as well? Has he paid off women whom he’s assaulted?

This also may tell us how Donald Trump’s puppet masters may have been buying him off. For instance, did the Russians send money to Trump through shell companies in Delaware that his attorney set up in similarly sloppy fashion? Let the games begin.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report