Donald Trump posts bizarre retweet of fake Twitter account which immediately gets suspended

When Sunday began, Donald Trump was mistakenly referring to his own Secretary of Defense Mark Esper as “Mark Esperanto.” So perhaps it’s fitting that Trump ended the day by retweeting what he thought was one of his fans, actor Jon Voight, but was actually a fake account that spelled Voight’s name wrong. The whole thing immediately went south – within just minutes.

What Donald Trump retweeted was a video of Jon Voight, but it was from a fake account named “John Voight” with the username @johnvoight__ which only had a few hundred followers. Roughly seven minutes after Trump retweeted the the fake account, Twitter suspended the account – presumably for impersonation. That left Trump’s tweet looking like this:

Not only did Donald Trump (or his social media handler) get duped into retweeting a Trump-supporting fake Jon Voight account, he managed to get his supporter immediately suspended from Twitter. Not only is Trump self destructing in real time, he’s taking his goons down with him.

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