Donald Trump’s failure is now complete

Arizona and Wisconsin both certified their results today. They join Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, all of whom have certified their results already. This means that every state that Trump tried to contest has now certified its results for Biden. Trump’s failure is complete.

Between getting repeatedly laughed out of court, getting nowhere with his recounts, and ultimately getting no real traction with state legislatures, Trump has managed to fail on a level that would previously have been thought impossible. When has one person ever lost thirty-nine court cases in the span of three weeks? How is it even possible to illegally tamper with certifications in six states and come up empty in all six?

That’s because Donald Trump was trying things that weren’t merely long shots, but were instead literally impossible. It’s one thing to throw a hail mary pass at the end of a close game and hope that you somehow complete it, which would have been the scenario if Trump had lost the deciding swing state by something like a few hundred votes and then took it to court.

It’s another thing to be down by nineteen points, blow up the football with dynamite, and then try to convince the referees that the explosion was worth twenty points. That’s what Trump did. Even the referees who might have been rooting for him were never going to be able to give him what he wanted. It was a given that he would end up being ejected from the game.

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