Donald Trump miserably fails leadership test in wake of Nashville RV bombing

So it’s Christmas, the stimulus and the military budget are in limbo, there was a terrorist attack in Nashville today, and Donald Trump ignored all that in favor of playing golf and tweeting conspiracy theories about giraffes. And he wonders why he lost by seven million votes.

– Some Palmer Report readers have asked why I haven’t addressed the Nashville RV bombing. The reality is that we really don’t know anything concrete yet. There’s no clear indication of what the bomber’s ideological leanings might have been, or what the goal might have been. But based on the seemingly amateur nature of the whole thing, I suspect law enforcement will be able to uncover the real story rather quickly. All we know for sure is that “President” Donald Trump miserably failed the leadership test by not even addressing it.

– Tweet of the day, from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris:



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