Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani just got caught trying to extort huge amounts of money out of a Ukraine gas company

We should have seen it coming. For narcissistic projectionist con artists like Donald Trump an Rudy Giuliani, the first rule is to always falsely accuse the other side of what you yourself are doing wrong. Rudy has gone off the deep end falsely accusing Joe and Hunter Biden of abusing their political influence in Ukraine for personal monetary gain. Well guess what?

Yesterday Donald Trump told House Republicans that he didn’t even want to call Ukrainian President Zelensky, and that he only did it because his Secretary of Energy Rick Perry pushed him to speak to Zelensky about a Ukrainian gas company. This came amid reports that Perry had been abusing his position to try to get the company to hire his pals from Texas. But now a separate report suggests that Rudy Giuliani was actually the ringleader when it came to the gas company corruption.

The AP is reporting tonight that numerous “businessmen and Republican donors” were pressuring Ukraine to steer huge contracts to Donald Trump’s allies – and these folks were all telling Ukraine that they were acting on behalf of Rudy Giuliani. This is nothing short of stunning. It means Trump and Rudy weren’t just leaning on Ukraine for help in rigging the 2020 election – they were trying to extort huge amounts of money out of Ukraine and put it in the pockets of their friends.

This is more or less what Rudy Giuliani has been falsely accusing the Bidens of doing in Ukraine. Now it turns out Rudy is the one who has been doing it. This may help explain why Rudy has been so frantically pushing the fake Biden scandal. It’s not that most people were ever going to believe Rudy’s crazy lies. It’s that he was hoping to distract us from the fact that he and Trump are the ones who have been trying to extort money out of Ukraine.

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