Exposed: the money trail running from the Kremlin to Lev Parnas to Rudy Giuliani to Donald Trump

For weeks now, the various pieces of the puzzle have been coming together – and what’s going on here keeps becoming more obvious. Now, thanks to the final piece of the puzzle, we can draw a straight money line from the Kremlin to Donald Trump, based entirely on publicly available information.

Earlier this month it was reported that Lev Parnas received a million dollar bank deposit from an account in Russia in September. Today, federal prosecutors confirmed in court that the million dollars came from Kremlin oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who has long been suspected of having funded the Ukraine antics of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

When you take the million dollar payoff from the Kremlin to Lev Parnas, and combine it with the half million dollar payoff from Lev Parnas’ company to Rudy Giuliani, you can draw a straight money line from the Kremlin to Rudy. When you add in that Rudy is providing legal services to Donald Trump for free, it means the Kremlin is funding Rudy’s representation of Trump. In other words, Putin didn’t just fund Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal; Putin is paying for Trump’s legal defense.

This changes a few things. First, it’s a reminder that even though two articles of impeachment have been finalized against Donald Trump (for now), the investigatory process is still ongoing, and the criminal scandal is still unfolding. Second, it places Lev Parnas in even more legal jeopardy, and could motivate him to provide additional cooperation beyond the evidence he’s turned over to the House. Finally, it’s the latest reminder that with Trump, all roads really do lead to Putin.

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