Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving

Yesterday it was revealed that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had completely lost control of her own staff. They leaked something about her to the media, and when she chastised her staffers for it, five of them promptly leaked that to the media. I was about to sit down this evening and write an article about how untenable her situation was, when the news hit the wires just now that Huckabee Sanders and her deputy are both heading for the exits.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah are both planning to resign from the White House, according to a new bombshell from CBS News. It was clear to me that she was going to have to dump most or all of her staff in order to move forward on the job, but even I didn’t see her deciding to simply quit. CBS’ sources say that Sanders and Shah aren’t planning to leave until the end of the year, which is six months from now – but when these things leak this far in advance, they usually translate to a much swifter exit. So now what?

Huckabee Sanders seemed to relish the chance to get up there and tell ridiculous lies each day on Donald Trump’s behalf. It gave her a chance to bully the reporters in the room while getting to spew any nonsense she wanted, and much of the time she seemed to be having devious fun. As the Trump administration collapses and the rats head for the exits, we always thought Huckabee Sanders would be one of the last to go. The question is why she didn’t simply replace her staff and keep going.

The answer appears to be that Sarah Huckabee Sanders simply doesn’t think it’s worth the major task of revamping her staff, because she doesn’t think her job will continue to exist for all that much longer anyway. This news about her departure is surfacing just hours after Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen took the first steps toward a plea deal against Trump. It looks like Huckabee Sanders thinks this is going to finish Trump off fairly soon. Once Trump is ousted, she’d be out of a job anyway. Update: Huckabee Sanders now claims she’s not quitting. Based on her track record of lying, we have zero reason to believe her.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report